Are you looking for a complete laser system for in-house production, or a laser source to be integrated by the system integrator of your choice?
The skills of the R&D team allow GYROSCOPE TECH to provide solutions that are adapted to the specific needs of clients.
           GYROSCOPE TECH innovation at your service We provide a skilled R&D team to study your requirements and adapt our solutions to your specific needs. GYROSCOPE TECH’s experience and expertise allows us to offer customized products in the following domains:
Solid-state laser Optics  Laser & Light Sources     Optical Measuring Equipments     Laser Process system     Particel Detection  Laser Cleaner By Light
We can repair modules and have exchange modules available for older LASAG KLS126, 322, 522 or FLS342, 542, 352, 552, 652 as well as SLS200, SLS200C(L) and KLS246.
We may have refurbished LASAG lasers available, or we can provide new laser sources (YAG or Fiber Laser) and Motion Systems, including Custom Designs.
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