Sensors and Components for Weather Information Systems - RWIS

Airport Weather Sensors and Components for Runway Weather Information Systems RWIS, Ceilometer, Cloud Height, Cloud Cover, Visibility and Runway Condition Sensors.

Airports around the world use Lufft technology because it’s flexible, comes with open protocols and is easy to integrate into existing networks. Moreover Lufft sensors always work reliably and practically maintenance-free under any environmental conditions.

Since its founding by Gotthilf Lufft in 1881, G. Lufft GmbH has been leading in developing and producing climatological measuring equipment – always true to the motto “tradition meets innovation”. Lufft’s capacity for innovation and precision has helped their products to establish the solid reputation they enjoy all around the world. The company’s sensors can be found in use wherever weather variables such as cloud heights, sky conditions, runway conditions, friction, precipitation, visibility and other environmental factors need to be measured.

In January 2016 Lufft agreed to be acquired by OTT Hydromet, located in Kempten, Germany. We are proud to be part of a group of six companies (OTT, Hydrolab, ADCON Telemetry, Sutron, Lufft and Kipp & Zonen), that serves customers with high quality and reliable instruments focused on environmental monitoring solutions for natural resource and oceanographic applications.

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