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Length-Section Light Scanner Discrete Part Length Measurement

Optical Micrometer for the final measurement of discrete parts during lengthwise transport
Non-Contact Discrete Part Length Measurement

Measurement Principle

Length-Section Light Scanner Discrete Part Length Measurement Systems

The discrete part to be measured passes through the Laser Gauges System without stopping in longitudinal direction. As soon as the discrete part is located completely between both sensor arrays (a light transmitter array and a receiver array), a measurement is automatically triggered. To ensure that the measurement takes place with high accuracy, the discrete part already has to be separated while in supply, however, a distance between two subsequent discrete parts of only 10 mm to 50 mm is sufficient. In addition, the measurement object should pass the Laser Gauges system as straight as possible. Because the Laser Gauges system measures the shadowing of the measurement object in the transmitted light, if the measurement object is twisted or inclined, the measured projection can cause a measurement error. Furthermore, it is beneficial if the edges of the measurement object are cut at right angles and there are no ridges, cutting waste or chips left over on the front surface. The active measurement light line is only 2 mm high and is located in the middle of the sensor profile, which has a cross-section of 30 x 30 mm. The sensors are called “optical micrometer” or “measuring light scanner” for non-contact discrete part length measurement.

Measurement Principle (Sideview):


Metal Industry Sheet length measurement
Metal Industry Measurement of tube length
Highly accurate contact free part length measurement during part feeding. Measurement of fixed length, sections and cut parts, pipe sections, tubes and hoses.

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