Our professional and competent engineering team is able to provide maintenance and calibration services for a wide range of test and measuring instruments. The list shown is not exhaustive as we continuously strive to increase our capabilities. If you have a specific equipment model that you would like to calibrate, you can contact us for further information.


Comparison; Data Acquistion / Instrumentation; Field Evaluation (On-site Inspection / Testing); Evaluation / Trouble Shooting; In-Process Testing; Test Development; Test Fixture / Equipment Design 

Fully accredited ISO 17025, certified to ISO 10012-1, ANSI/NCSL Z540.3-2006, traceable to N.I.S.T

Test / Certify To
ASTM; MIL-SPEC; Accredited ISO 17025, certified ISO 10012-1, ANSI/NCSL Z540.3-2006, traceable to NIST & compliant ISO 9000 - 1,2,3 & 4

IC Packages; RF & Wireless / IT & Telecom; Motors / Controls; Nuclear / Utility; Marine; Hazardous Location Equipment; Health Care / Medical; HVAC / Plumbing & Lighting; Industrial / Machinery; Instruments & Sensors / Laboratory; Microelectronics or Electronics; Electrical Distribution; Aerospace / Avionics; Appliances; Automotive; Battery / Energy


AC / DC Instruments
AC / DC Power Sources
Ammeters / Wattmeters
Clamp Meters
Current Probe Amplifiers
Current Sources
DC Electronics Loads
Earth Continuity Testers
Ground Testers
Hipot / Insulation Testers
Leakage Current Testers
Millivoitmeter Calibrators
Multifunction / Meters Calibrators
Multimeters (8.5 resIn)
Noise Meters
Power Analyzers / Puncture Testers
Withstanding Voltage Testers
XYT Recorders
Temperature & Humidity
Chambers / Ovens
Probes / Thermocouples
Reflow Checkers
RTDS Simulator
Temp. & Humidity Data Logger
Temperature Calibrators
Temperature Controllers
Temperature Profilers
Temperature Recorders
Thermohygrographs / Meters
Audio / RF and Microwave
AM / FM Signal Generators
Arbitrary Waveform Generators
Audio / Function Generators
Audio Analyzers
Directional Bridges / Couplers
Distortion Analyzers
Distortion Meters / Calibrators
Dynamic Signal Analyzers
FFT Analyzers
FM Linear Detectors
Frequency Response Analyzers
Frequency Synthesizers
Level Generators
Measurement Receivers
Modulation Meters / Analyzers
Multiplex Signal Generators
Power Dividers / Splitters
Pulse Generators
RF Amplifiers / Limiters
RF Millivoltmeters
RF Power Amplifiers
RF Power Meters / Sensors
Scalar Network Analyzers
Spectrum Analyzers
Stopwatchs / Tachometers
Sweep / Sweemar Generators
Synthesized Signal Generators
Tracking Generators
Universal Frequency Counters
Hearing Aid Systems
Radiocommunication Analyzers / Testers
Radiocommunication Svcs Monitors
Telephone Set Testers
Audio / Video and
TV Instruments
BTL Adaptors
CCVS+Components Generators
CD / VTR Jitter Meters
CD Evaluating Filters
Components / Composite Generators
Converters / Encoders / Mixers
Demodulators / Modulators
Signal / TV Field Level Meters
Teletext Signal Generators
Tracking Offset Meters
TV / Radio Signal Level Meters
TV / Video Pattern Generators
TV Channel / Signal Combiners
TV Sound Digimarscope
TV Test Recievers / Transmitters
Vector Monitors / Vectorscopes
Video Analyzers
Video Distribution Amplifiers
Video Level / Noise Meters
Video Measurement Sets
Video Sweep Generators
Video Test Signal Generators
VITS Generators / Inserters
VTR Jitter Analyzers
Waveform Monitors
Wow Flutter Calibrators / Meters
LCR Instruments
Capacitance Meters
Decade LCR Boxes
Impedance / Ohm Meters
LCR Bridges
Milli / Megaohmmeters
Q Meters
Std Capacitors (C)
Std Inductors (L)
Std Resistors (R)
Surface Resisitivity Meters
Wrist Strap / Foot Testers
Scope Instruments
Alignment / Stereo Scopes
Current Probe Amplifiers
Curve Tracers
Differential / FET / Active Probes
Digimarscope / Oscilloscopes
Scope Calibrators
Modular Instruments
PCI / PXI Analog Output
PCI / PXI Dynamic Signal Analyzers
PCI / PXI Multifunction DAQ
PCI / PXI Multimeters
PCI / PXI Oscilloscope
Dimensional / Force /
Mechanical / Pressure
Balance / Weighing Scales
Dial Test Gauges / Indicators
Pressure Gauges / Meters
Torque Wrenchs / Drivers

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